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Jennifer Cocoma Hustis loves creating heavily illustrated  books that speak to all ages.   She believe horses are wonderful teachers and has acquired many amazing teaching stories from a lifetime of learning with horses.   Jennifer enjoys incorporating teaching opportunities with art projects, and interactive horse encounters promoting literacy. 

Camp Art of Horsemanship LLC J. Cocoma H

Separated at auction as spirited yearling colts, Patriot and Buddy meet again under the harsh challenges of competitive horse racing. Here, the budding champion Patriot sadly witnesses the failure of his former friend and stablemate to adapt and succeed in this unforgiving new world.

Patriot Cover.jpg

Looking for a great gift!  Enjoy a fun coloring book with lots of room for imagination and carries a thoughtful message about dogs!  Fun for all ages!

doggies cover.JPG

This short, heavily illustrated book tells the story of a wild mustang’s rescue from a shelter for homeless horses by a pre-teenage girl. The young horse clings to memories of a glorious freedom with a wild herd of horses before being subjected to cruelties and abuse when captured and later abandoned.

The young girl carefully nurtures and trains the horse in a program to find homes for these rescued animals. A bond forms between the sensitive girl and the grateful horse, who finds for the first time someone in the world of people who truly cares for him. The pair competes in horse shows as part of the training program, receiving awards and recognition for both.

When the training ends, the bond formed between the girl and the once-wild horse makes it difficult to separate them when the horse is purchased at an auction. Seeing the injustice about to ensue, a stranger steps up and surprises the horse and the girl. This is a book that horse lovers of all ages will enjoy.

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